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Using an Electric Stairclimber

Most of us are familiar with standard moving equipment like plastic moving boxes and the tried and true, old-fashioned wooden dolly. At Mover's Choice, however, we offer a whole range of moving equipment, including electric stairclimbers. Here's a quick guide on what they are and how to use them.

So, what is an electric stairclimber, you ask?

An electric stairclimber is the motorized version of the hand truck – in fact they are also called electric hand trucks. 
It consists of a very strong upright outer frame with a platform and wheels, with an electric motor.

What can you do with an electric stairclimber?

Naturally, climb stairs! An electric stairclimber can provide 100% of the lift required for heavy items; 
Some models can carry several hundred and up to over 1,000 pounds; 
Electric stairclimbers are made to be very easy to navigate and use, featuring push-button functionality;
Lift items out of the truck and into the house.

The benefits are easy to enumerate,

Very low risk of back injury – all you need to do is get the item onto the stairclimber;
You can safely move items you'd never be able to lift;
It's much safer than getting a bunch of inexperienced friends together to try and power a large item up the stairs.

Electric stairclimbers let you move heavy, bulky items like hot water tanks, furnaces, large appliances, desks and other heavy office furniture, equipment and machines – among others. One person can navigate the stairs with a heavy item where normally two or three would be required. As you set the platform on the bottom of the first stair, the wheels pull upwards to the next. Then the stairclimber lifts up to the next step, pulling up towards the wheels. 

It's a safe, tested piece of equipment that lets you move items that would be dangerous to lift on your own. 

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