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Toronto, Ontario, is simply an amazing city to live, work and play. And we are elated to be part of the action.

Each day professionals, families and businesses utilize our plastic moving box rentals and our moving supplies as we offer the best for those on the move. Our eco-friendly plastic moving boxes reduce our environmental footprint and we beat out the competition when it comes to being cost effective at the low price of $0.75 per moving box per week.

Plastic Moving Bins

Toronto is a multi-faceted city in that it’s diverse, and is tops for its global competitiveness, quality of life and innovation. The city ranks as one of the safest cities in the world, and is home to an abundance of landmarks, leading education and healthcare institutions, a thriving financial district, and a vigorous entertainment district.

Yes, there is so much going on in Toronto and this is a city that syncs with the world every minute of the day.

Since so much is going on, it means people and business are always on the move.

Here is where The Mover’s Choice comes in.

We offer an array of plastic moving boxes for rent so you can move with ease and comfort. Moving in Toronto means you need to be efficient and we are here to help you get the job done right. You no longer have to worry about getting droves of cardboard boxes and tape, our plastic box rentals are easy and secure to use. Your belongings will be well organized and safe with our plastic boxes come moving time.

Here is what we also provide you with for your move:

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